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Open air museum of First World War on mount Kolovrat above Tolmin (5220 Volče)
On Sunday 17/09/2017
Cultural and Historical Society Triglav with its friendly societies. 150 reenactors from 10 countries.
For the 100th anniversary of the 12. Isonzo Battle, also known as breakthrough or miracle at Kobarid. We will staged a spectacle, like it was never seen before in Slovenia, about 150 soldiers, 2 airplanes, more than 100 explosions, fire explosion, simulation of a gas attack, arial bombing and arial ground machineguning, hand to hand combat in the real treanches all this and more, we will try to show you how did front line fighting on Isonzo front in world war 1 looked like.
WHAT IS Reenactment
One form of open-air museum is called living history or reeactment. These are events, which illustrate a historical event or historical battle with the clothing, equipment and weapons from appropriate timeline. In Slovenia,  are the most polular medieval reenactment in the form of medieval games or fairs, while the later periods and battle reenactments are still in development, while in Europe and in the rest of the world, they are allready constant. Almost all have heard of American reenactments of battles form the Civil War battle between north and south.
Cultural and Historical Society Triglav
Cultural and Historical Society Triglav was founded in 2007 as a voluntary organization that brings together all those who are interested in military history and who want to actively participate in the reeactment of historical events and battles. The Association also participates in various exhibitions of military equipment, weapons and vehicles. In all events we seeks to present a professional model, behavior and discipline of historical units, and events that are reenacted.
Battle of the Kolovrat
 Before the First World War there was a border between Austria-Hungary and Italy on the mountain ridge of Kolovrat. On the first day of the war the Italian troops capture the ridge and started to harden it by diging in. The Italian army gradually built an extensive system of defensive lines, with numerous artillery positions and observatories from which they watched the over the battlefield. From these high positions, the Italian gunners can fire on the Austro-Hungarian first line of defense, the supply route between Tolmin and Baška grapa and other relevant targets in the Austro-Hungarian hinterland. Positions at Mt. Kolovrat were for the Italians one of the key points of defense in the 12th Isonzo offensive. Already on the first evening of the 12th Isonzo offensive on 24 October 1917, German troops recaptured the ridge and opened the way for further penetration through the ridge of Kolovrat and Matajur and on the Friuli plain. Lieutenant Erwin Rommel later one of the most famous German generals in World War II, participated as the commancer of Württemberg Mountain Battalion, witch capture the Mt. Kolovrat.
Today on the ridge of Kolovrat we have a open air museum. From here we have beautiful view over the former battlefield of the Krn to Mt. Sveta Gora and the Friuli plain. Here are now restored, command and observation posts, machine-gun and artillery positions, caverns and a network of trenches and connection, for tourist to see.